2020 Keelung Islet International Rock Fishing Competition General Regulation

The main objectives are to develop the characteristics of Keelung as sea city, promote Keelung Islet rock fishing activity, and to build a world-class rock fishing ground for development of marine leisure industry in Keelung Islet. Through the Keelung Islet competition, we hope to have more interaction and technical exchange between rock fishing players, and to awaken people’s conscious on the protection of natural resource and sustainable development.

II.Relevant Units:
Organizer: Keelung Municipal Government
Host: Transee International digital PR. CO., Ltd.

III.Date of Competition:
Preliminary: November 14th, 2020 6:30-16:00
Final: November 15th, 2020 6:30-16:00
★Those not in the final or final 8 can join the Big Tail Competition on the second day.

IV.Place of Competition: Keelung Island Reef (Dock, Niaozui, DongKeng, Wai-Xie, Eastnorthern Keng, Innerside of JiXin, SiJiao, ZhongJiao, DaQi, XiaoQi)

V.Registration Deadline: November 6th. If the registration is full, the registration will be closed earlier.
★Unless force majeure announced by the organizer, the registration fee will not be refunded. Those registered shall not be covered for or replaced.

VI.Qualifications: A valid Keelung Islet Rock Fishing License that does not expired before the competition date. Those who age 16 to 20 shall be enclose consent of legal representative.
★The Assembly can be entrusted to apply Keelung Islet Rock Fishing License (hereinafter refers to as “Rock Fishing License”)

VII.Fee: NTD 5,800/pp (excluding accommodation and fee for Rock Fishing License)
★Fee includes 2-day ferry, tourism and safety insurance (comprehensive
special activities insurance), bait, DAIWA H3 soft bait bag, 2 meal boxes, Player’s Night Buffet, lottery activities, souvenirs
★1-year Rock Fishing License fee: NTD300/license. Please fill in the
application form and send back with supporting document by email. The original copy shall be submitted at the site of receiving the license.

VIII.Competition Quota:
The competition is played by groups; no more than 16 groups with 6 people in each group (96 people in total). Online registration limit: 66 people, on-site registration limit: 30 people.

IX.Method of Registration:

  1. 1.Online Registration: Go to the website https://bit.ly/2vJlk6j and click “2020 Keelung Islet International Rock Fishing
    Competition” for online registration; transfer the registration fee in 48 hours after filling the application. The Host will review by the order of transfer. Those who fail to transfer the fee in time will be cancelled the qualification and refunded the transferred fee. Then the quota will be released, with a limit of 66 people.
    ★Please fill in your real name, birth date, contact number, address, identity number, Rock Fishing License, emergency contact for relevant insurance and application. Due to limited number of place, you are welcome to call us at (02)2732-8031 to check if the registration is full.

X.Check in:
The check in time is 3:30 to 4:30 in the morning of November 14th that Bisha Ocean Recreation Museum (No. 69-1, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City) and the boat sail at 5:30 on time.

XI. Check in Regulation: All players shall have Rock Fishing License,endorsements letter for the game, ID/Passport and registration number for check in; at the check in, number and island reef will be selected by lucky draw. The Organizer shall draw lots on behalf of those who are late.

XII. Safety Measures:

  1. All players must wear life jacket that complies with safety regulation (with fastened buckle) and anti-slippery spikes (both prepared by players) and shall not take off before reaching the reef and during the competition. The judge can disqualify those who do not abide, depending on the circums tances.
  2. If the average wind level is more than 7 and the maximum gust is above level 9, the Organizer shall announce 3 days in advance whether the competition shall commence as scheduled; on the day,the Organizer has the right to adjust time or date of the competition.

XIII. Relevant Information
Registration website: http://keelungrockfishing.transee.tw/
Executive Unit: Transee International digital PR. CO., Ltd.
Contact Window: Mr. Chen +886 2 2732-8031
Email: service@transee.tw